David Cook

David Cook

Born in 1964, David W Cook grew up in Minnetonka, MN. As a small child, David Cook had the innate ability to see the world as a blank canvas that needed to be interpreted through the mediums of pencils, paint, and clay. 

After graduating from high school, David’s intent was to pursue a liberal arts degree at the University of Minnesota. Becoming restless with his university studies, he dropped out of school and moved to Los Angeles, CA where he first started to experiment with painting. Within a couple of years, David left California and moved to New York City. In New York, David became part of the underground society where one of his influences was Keith Haring.  

David left New York City, moved back to Minneapolis, MN, and painted an impressive body of work entitled “The Women Series.” This series, which was chosen to be showed at the Boggotti Gallery in Minneapolis, MN, introduced David to the world of enthusiastic private art collectors.

In 1992 David moved to Chicago, IL where he could be a part of the Chicago Image School. Showing his art in Bucktown Wicker Park Galleries and countless public places, he established a new basis of collectors. David not only became the featured artist at the 1998 “Around the Coyote” – a well-known art festival/competition in Chicago, but also the Curator’s choice in that competition. 

One of his well-appreciated sculptures was exhibited at the Chicago Hancock Building, and later purchased by the Chicago Botanical Gardens.

Becoming restless with his environment, David moved to South Dakota, where in addition to creating art, David became a certified volunteer fire fighter. Once again, through painting, and sculpting, he successfully interpreted the people, the landscape, and the emotions in his environment. Using iodine, straw, and his horse’s manure, David reverently created a series of beautiful and haunting, emotion-packed sculptures of Native Americans. Again, this new work resulted in another group of enthusiastic collectors.

Never known to rest on his laurels, David moved back to Minnesota. and continued to make painting sculptures. In Minnesota he met up with author/publisher, Janet Letnes Martin, and collaborated with her to co-author a book entitled Lemonade for the Lawnboy: The Executives’ Wives’ Cookbook Committee. This book, which features 16 upper-crust ladies who lived in the posh community of Minnetonka, MN where David grew up, is loaded with humor, recipes, and fabulous paintings and drawings of his memories of these ladies and their world. This book is now becoming the basis for an exciting new musical in the making which is entitled, “Lemonade for the Lawnboy.” David, using his ingenuity and creativity, has created 16 life-sized ladies, which will be an integral part of this musical.