Gene Kuschnir

Gene Kuschnir

Born when the world was innocent, in Hollywood California.

The only son of 4 kids of Russian immigrant parents. I’m a first generation American and speak, read, and write Russian.

At about 9 years old I decided I wanted to learn to play the Clarinet. This is a foreign instrument to my parents. They sign me up for Piano lessons. I do abuut 5 years of Piano.The only cool Piano piece I learned was the funeral march, it had a good beat.

Saw The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. My older sisters were screaming Beatlemaniacs. I didn’t scream but I was impressed.

I got my first Guitar at 16. Bought and paid for by myself with no help or encouragement from the people. I learned to play by listening to records, jamming with friends, and a Mel Bay chord book. I spent hours at it, 8 – 10 at a time. It really captured my imagination, the damn thing.

Went Electric a year later and got a Gibson SG Jr. I played through my Dad’s Knight Kit Hi-Fi amp and an open speaker. I sold my darkroom equipment and got a Fender Showman Amp. Wow!