William Babcock

William Babcock

I was born in Albuquerque, NM on April 11th, 1955, and lived there until 2000, when I made my first move away to Minneapolis with my partner Norman. Since that  time we have lived in Denver, CO and Placitas, NM as well.

I have always had a strong love for the arts. I began playing the violin at the age of twelve and pursued music all the way through college. All during this time I was drawing and making pictures in a variety of media.  As I got older it became obvious that my true passion was painting. It is what consumes me.

I am a second generation artist. My father was a painter. Actually, he and my mom met at the Denver Art Institute where they were both students.  There are even a few paintings in the families possession by my paternal grandfather.

Painting has always felt very natural for me. Simply put I just love to paint. I draw my inspiration primarily from the natural world. Small and large. There is a diversity, beauty and honesty there that never seems to run dry. I try to convey that feeling in all my work whether it is abstract in nature or more representational.  I am not as interested in painting things to look exactly like they do , rather,  I am trying to convey an emotion or feeling. That is where painting has it’s meaning for me. It is an endless source of fascination and discovery.

I am always painting; whether at work, running in the morning, resting or actually in the studio putting a brush to the canvas.