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    What happens when passion for art and artists collides full-throttle with the inspiration, creativity and pure joy of 2 grandsons? That is where Suzie Marty found herself just a short time ago.

    The result was the birth of Everett & Charlie – a gallery where art meets experience.

    Watch the new Everett & Charlie VIDEO here!

    Suzie is passionate about art…ALL forms of art, AND the artists who create it. She loves the creation stories and celebrates retelling those stories around the gallery “campfire.” Everett & Charlie is that campsite where art enthusiasts congregate, share, learn and can just be joyful. It’s a very special place to experience art, learn about art, meet the artists, and purchase their art! Whether you’re searching for the perfect painting above your fireplace or one-of-a-kind earrings to wear to your child’s wedding, Everett & Charlie offers a wonderfully welcoming experience for visitors to explore and discover beautiful things.

    The Gallery features paintings, screen-printing, pottery, glass, jewelry, textiles & leather, sculpture, music, and woodwork – including hand-made guitars. Everett & Charlie is also an experiential gallery with an active calendar of Openings, Trunk Shows, Artists Talks & Workshops, Demonstrations, and Live Music. There’s even the occasional intimate dinner party with artists!

    Suzie has a degree in art education, has been a docent at MIA, is an accomplished painter, and has extensive experience in retail supporting the local arts community. Everett & Charlie is located in Linden Hills | 2720 West 43rd Street, Minneapolis (next to Wild Rumpus).

    photo courtesy - Sandra Julian Photography