Amber McDowell

Amber McDowell

“Art is my passion and lifeblood. It connects me to the world in a unique way and brings me new perspectives on life, society and the world around me. I thrive on the personal expression that comes with creating unique pieces of art, and have been immersed in it for more than 20 years”, says McDowell.

She offers a variety of mediums, including watercolor and acrylic, and delights in sharing her work with others. Her goal is to always create something unique and special that her collectors will be proud to display and own. McDowell states that she has always seen the world through whimsical eyes. She recalls being a child and asking her father what the word abstraction meant. Once he explained the definition, she had a drive in her to create art that fit this definition.

“I always wanted to draw and paint things I saw, but not necessarily make them look real or the accurate colors that the objects may truly be”, McDowell says.

“Once I found out it was acceptable to create something with a different perspective, I knew I wanted to be an artist”. McDowell has created her own unique style through the years. One that hasabstraction and impressionistic qualities. Her works portray vibrance, color and energy. As a self taught artist, McDowell is always learning new techniques from her peers. Coming from an artistic family has definitely encouraged her to pursue a career in art. Every day she learns something new and is inspired by new people she meets and experiences she has.

“Perhap” Perhaps my greatest inspiration is my mother. A recent cancer survivor, her experience has taught me that life is short. She has inspired me to pursue my passion for art”, states McDowell.