Joan Reynolds

Joan Reynolds

Joan was born in St Paul , MN in 1941.

Although she had always loved to draw, an art education was not pursued. Nursing and Nurse Anesthetist was the career she choose until her family of 3 children came along and she retired in 1970 from anesthesia to become a full time parent.

Shortly after, her  career in art began.  It was around 1973 when she took a class in oil painting from Bill Forse, who was a former Norman Rockwell student.  He taught her  the basics and encouraged her to enter local art shows. Soon these covered MN, WI, ND, I, and NB.

Additional art instruction was received at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design in Etching and Lithography plus numerous workshops given by nationally known professional artists.

Currently  her media is oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, ink and wax but the subject mater  in her  paintings has remained the same, landscapes ( urban and rural.)  Painting directly on site, Plein Air, has been a whole new inspiration and simplifying and composing a painting is constantly a challenge . Painting what Joan sees is not enough because her  goal is to have the viewer feel what she is feeling as she is painting.  It is more than an photograph, it is part of her.