Linden Hills Pottery

Linden Hills Pottery


Founded in the heart of Minneapolis in 1979, Cynthia Mosedale and Bill Kaufmann created Linden Hills Pottery.  The pottery bears the name of the neighborhood they lived in for 25 years. The Fuchsia was Cynthia’s first design that led the way to a career spanning over 40 years.  Fueled by a passion for art and travel the couple have been partners in life and work.

All pieces are collaborative—Cynthia is the painter, Bill the potter.  Although their individual contributions are different, the exchange of ideas between them as artists is essential and keeps the work fresh.  Bill studied in Japan. Cynthia has a degree in studio arts and alternative education from MSU.

Color and simple form play a large role in their approach.  Pieces thrown on the potter’s wheel are altered to suit function.  Cynthia uses ceramic stains, slips, and glazes for her brushwork.  A clear glaze and high fire (cone 9) completes the finished work.

Every piece is individual, created and signed with an ‘MK’ and/or LHP.  The work is food, microwave, and dishwasher safe. It is art for everyday life, made to be used, touched and enjoyed daily.