Lynda Angelis

Lynda Angelis

My art is abstract. That means that it does not attempt to represent external reality. i am deeply motivated by the concept of abstract expressionism I find this genre without borders and as valid and alive today as it as when it was first explored by the great pioneers of modern art.

I create my own vision of this exploration and utilize what to me is truly urban and sometimes very much reminiscent of street art.

My approach to painting is unplanned, spontaneous, and often accidental. It is multilayered with many untold stories beneath the surface of the finished painting.

While my palette is most often neutral and somber, my execution and technique are filled with my joy and fierce approach to life and spirituality.

I am a self-taught painter. I began my career as a street photographer in NYC and continued with more experimental photography. When we moved to Minneapolis, i found myself without a dark room and transitioned to painting.

I worked for 25 years as a card artist for Constance Kay Inc. New York. My clients included Disney, Bloomingdales, Barneys, Neiman Marcus, and Itoya in Tokyo.

I have exhibited in many venues in the US and am in collections worldwide. My work can be seen currently online on Saatchart, The Painting Center, New York and I can be followed on Instagram as lyndaangelis.