Marcia Lydeen

Marcia Lydeen

First, let me say that I’ve been so blessed.  I never cease to give thanks to God for the joy that’s come into my life.   But, there’s been a lot of “stuff”.  You know what I’m talking about: disappointment, divorce, loneliness, financial failure.   At times, it very nearly left me hopeless.

Turning to art to express my heart and channel the pains of life has been tremendously healing.

My first love, coming from somewhere deep within me, was to find that nearly forgotten vintage piece that was calling to me.  It had a story to tell, if I was willing to listen. From its appearance, it softly whispered of its joys and challenges.  The beauty of these enduring pieces, in spite of their scratches or dents, spoke directly to my heart, my experiences.  We had a connection and in working with them, I found healing.

In 2012, I incorporated leather bracelets into my eclectic menagerie of jewelry as well.   I love what they add to my collection with color and texture, bringing in yet another piece of me.

My husband, Doug (married in 2003), has always encouraged me to pursue my dream and allow my passion for creating jewelry to grow and thrive.  He retired in the summer of 2017 to support me in doing what I love.  He is my encourager, helper and partner.

My wish is for you to feel all the love that I pour into each piece and when you wear a lydeen creation, you feel free to be your beautiful self!